Children’s Interagency Coordinating Council (CIACC)

The CIACC Committee is made up of various organizations and interested community residents to better enable cross sector collaborations and cross-system service planning for children with emotional and behavioral challenges. The CIACC also manages the following programs and committees:

Youth Services Commission

The Salem County Youth Services Commission (SCYSC) is responsible for planning and funding of services for youth involved or at-risk of involvement in the justice system while serving at an advisory capacity for the county Freeholders. The Salem Inter Agency Council administers the State/Community Partnership Grant and the Family Court Services Funds, for providing various services to at-risk youth.The Youth Services Commission meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month and are open public meetings. Members of the public are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The Salem County Youth Services Commission also seeks ongoing familial engagement as an integral component in their scope of work. Please join us in the work of serving our youth and families by attending our meetings listed on the right.

YSC Funded Programs

Penns Grove High School

Shining Stars Program

The Penns Grove High School Shining Stars Program provides many activities for students 8th grade students transitioning into 9th grade which include; year round substance abuse and crime intervention/prevention, life skills, weekly support groups, individual and family counseling, educational and recreational programs, a summer program, college tours, community service projects, and field trips.

Quinton School Township Middle School

Culture Club

The Quinton Township Middle School Culture Club offers after school activities, sports and field trips to encourage positive interactions with peers, staff and the community. The main focus is to promote tolerance and understanding of other cultures by direct exposure and education.

Pittsgrove School District

P.R.I.D.E (Patience, Respect, Integrity, Diligence, Empathy) Program

The Pittsgrove Middle School P.R.I.D.E Program provides over 25 after school clubs over a 25 week period that encourage exercise, leadership development, assistance with school work, peer involvement and opportunities for prosocial interaction and development in a supervised school based setting.

Renaissance Anti-Gang Program

The Pittsgrove Middle School Renaissance Anti-Gang Program provides structured activities including; field trips, academic advancement opportunities based on performance behavior, gang awareness programming, leadership development, peer involvement, mentorship, substance abuse awareness education, and opportunities for prosocial interaction and development in a supervised school-based setting.

Arthur P. Schalick MENTORS Program

The Arthur P. Schalick MENTORS Program was established in 2010. The program allows elementary students to bond with high school students on an academic and personal level. Elementary and middle school students in the program receive assistance with anything from academic support, future outlook on life, peer interactions, social situations and many other aspects mentees are dealing with. All high school mentors are trained annually by a certified prevention specialist. Students that participate as mentors are self-referred with authorization from Guidance staff and mentees are identified and referred by school counselors and administrative staff.

Salem County Vo-Tech

BRIDGE Program

The BRIDGE (Building Relationships Inspiring Dreams and Growing Employment) Program aims to address some of the barriers at risk youth in Salem County face by creating non-traditional educational opportunities through either of two pathways: career exploration and training and/or higher education opportunities, coupled with supportive services (i.e., tutoring, counseling, mentoring, apprenticeships, etc.).

Youth Advocate Program (YAP)

Pay It Forward & Peaceful Alternatives to Tough Situations Program

The YAP Pay It Forward & Peaceful Alternatives to Tough Situations Program teaches youth ages 8-17 years of age valuable lessons in pro-social behaviour to divert potential youth offenses and change the outlook on personal behaviors. The program builds on youth’s interests while the unifying theme of Community Safety and Crime Prevention structures activities along with principles of balanced and restorative justice.

Acenda Integrated Heath

Cognitive Behavioral Life Skills Program

The Acenda Integrated Health Behavioral Life Skills Program is implemented in an effort to reduce delinquent behavior, reduce recidivism and severity of crimes among adolescents. The program also provides the Salem County Juvenile Court and Probation officers with a sentencing option to allow them to be more effective and efficient in holding juvenile offenders accountable for their actions. Program services include individual or group cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills instruction, substance evaluation and/or education. Topics include; anger management/healthy communication of emotions, problem-solving/reasoning, personal responsibility, verbal and non-verbal communication and interpretation skills

Connect II Intensive In-Home Support Program

The Acenda Integrated Health Connect-II Intensive In-Home Support Program is designed to reduce youth’s further involvement with the Juvenile Justice System and to empower families by improving family functioning and child well-being. The Connect-II program achieves this by empowering families through skill building and systems negotiation; assessing the caregiver’s abilities to meet the youth’s needs and provide documentation of family progress or lack thereof; improving individual and family functioning within the context of their culture and community.