IAC convenes numerous networks of service providers, families, state and county government representatives, schools, law enforcement, and community advocates. Each network exists to support a designated population and purpose in Salem County. Each network welcomes attendance and participation from youth, parents, caregivers, grandparents, professionals in the field, retired professionals, and community advocates.

Each network has a schedule of youth, family, and education sector engagement events.

All meeting and engagement dates and times are available on our Calendar.

Contact us to reach us with questions and interest in tuning in, participating, presenting, or joining a meeting.

If you are shy about tuning in for the first time, do not worry. We will provide an orientation so you know what to expect and ensure you feel prepared and comfortable. Most meetings are held virtually.

Salem County Children’s Inter Agency Coordinating Council (CIACC)

The NJ Department of Children and Families designates the operation of a CIACC network in each county of the state. The Salem County CIACC network primarily includes behavioral/mental health providers that serve children ages 0-21 with intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral/emotional/mental health challenges, and substance use. Meetings include provider reports on levels of service, current needs and challenges, resource information, and feedback for DCF to inform system improvements and budgeting.

Salem County Youth Services Commission (YSC)

The NJ Office of the Attorney General, Juvenile Justice Commission designates the operation of a Youth Services Commission in each county of the state. The Salem County YSC primarily includes Corrections, the Prosecutor’s office, representatives of Family Division, other law enforcement representatives, and schools and organizations that provide programming for prevention and detention alternatives. The YSC’s purpose is to examine the individual and unique needs of youth in Salem County communities and to develop programs, sentencing options, and spending plans utilizing YSC funds that will support youths’ successful growth.

2024-2026 Youth Services Commission RFP/Application Notice

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Council

JDAI Council is supported by a competitive Innovations Grant offered through the NJ Office of the Attorney General, Juvenile Justice Commission. The grant funding is available to each county in the state, but only the highest performing JDAI Councils secure the highest level of funding available. Salem County is a recipient of the exceptional funding level. JDAI is a network of juvenile justice practitioners and other system stakeholders across the country working to build a better and more equitable youth justice system. The JDAI Council focuses on pur­suing poli­cies and prac­tices in Salem County com­mu­ni­ties, courts and out-of-home place­ments that keep young peo­ple safe and on track for long-term suc­cess, while still hold­ing youth account­able for their actions.

Salem County Continuum of Care (CoC) and Comprehensive Emergency Assistance System (CEAS)

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides funding to counties for the sheltering, supporting, and transitioning of homeless individuals and families into permanent housing. Counties must apply for this funding through a Continuum of Care (CoC). IAC is the Administer of the Salem County CoC. Similarly, Federal Emergency Management Assistance (FEMA) provides funding for basic needs of the homeless, and that funding can only be accessed through a CEAS network. IAC is also the coordinator of CEAS in Salem County. The CoC and CEAS networks in Salem County meet together to discuss the needs and challenges, resource updates, outreach and service efforts, and spending plans for coordinated homelessness services in Salem County.

FY 2023 CoC Consolidated Application
Housing Resource Guide

Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC)

The NJ Department of Children and Families (DCF) designates a HSAC in each county of the state. The HSAC network is the broadest convening of providers in a county delivering health and human services. At this meeting, state representatives provide updates from DCF and Department of Human Services (DHS). There is an open floor for all attendees to share announcements and news about their resources, programs, services, events, and any surveys they might be administering. Each meeting features a presentation on resources available to Salem County residents.