No. This program cannot accept inquiries, referrals, and applications at all times. This program cannot conduct screening at all times. There are specific openings when referrals can be made, screening is conducts, and applications are conducted. The openings occur when units are expected to be available and/or there is room on our waiting list. Please read:

IAC will publicize open periods when inquiries and referrals can be accepted, and screenings will be conducted. Screenings determine eligibility to apply for the program or be added to the waitlist. The Waitlist utilizes a vulnerability index- service prioritization decision assistance tool methodology.

Open periods will be announced when a unit is expected to become available within 30 days. During an open period, a Screening and Referral form dated with the acceptance period is dispersed to the Salem County community of homelessness, emergency, and community service providers. This means any homeless individual or family seeking assistance from or enrolled with any provider will be informed of the opportunity to be screened.

Persons may call IAC to be screened over the phone or may complete a Screening and Referral form themselves and submit through several ways detailed on the form. A case-worker, loved one, or any representative may also complete a Screening and Referral form and submit on a household’s behalf. All forms submitted during open periods will be reviewed and responded to.